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Flags, visible symbols of invisible bonds.
Flags, symbols you can see, that represent feelings.
Flags, fascinating flashes of color, moving with the wind.
A flag, a simple piece of cloth, a powerful, meaningful emblem.

Your national flag: the colors and symbols that unite the whole country. The symbol that rises above you, that shows there are bonds that bind greater than all the frustrations and disagreements that get so much attention.

The flag is a constant and important symbol that boldly displays the glue that holds �people together. The flag is vital in times of trouble, in disarray, in confusion and dissention. The flag is the reminder that there can be, there is unity. When backed against the wall, others are there to help. The flag proves it.

So in a real sense the flag is not boastful, as some critics believe. The person flying the flag is also saying they are willing to set aside personal goals and ideas for the greater good. A selfless, humble act.

In the United States the national anthem clearly says in a crisis �our flag is still there�. Wonderful, moving and heartfelt sentiments live in our flags.

The flag is a symbol. It is also a real object, a tangible piece of cloth. We see the wind move, how strong�the wind is, and what is happening in the air that we otherwise cannot see.� We watch the symbols flash large, disappear, appear in strange and interesting ways. The colors mix, blend, and affect the mood.

People look at flags. The movement catches the eye. The endless movement, the wind made visible, the whip, wave, lift, and swing hypnotizes, fascinates the mind, and relaxes the heart. And deep inside this mystery, is the spirit of our country

Join in, put your flag out and watch. You will love it.