The North Star Flag




This wonderfully designed flag is pleasing to look at, with powerful symbols and color; striking when flying and pretty in print. The gold North Star, the sky blue waters, the bright green forests and fields, and the wavy rivers and whitecaps flowing across lakes and fields of snow, all are part of the heart of Minnesota. The North Star flag is a simple, clear flag, easy to recognize, easy to remember, that ranks with the best designs in the country, even in the world. It is attractive, beautiful, and has a natural, easy feel to it.


1. The North Star: The North Star is the guiding star that leads Minnesota. The North Star is a simple, popular symbol known and recognized throughout the state. The state motto is �L�Etoile du Nord�, French for the Star of the North. It is a prominent symbol used all through our history. The North Star holds its place as the heavens circle around it. Minnesota was the most northern U.S. State from 1858 to 1959, a proud history, and we have often been in a position to lead the nation. The North Star was on the first Minnesota flag, the top yellow star on the great star of 19 stars.


     2. The Sky Blue Waters: The bright sky blue waters stripe on top represents the waters of the many clear lakes and mighty rivers of Minnesota, reflected in the very Dakota language name of Minnesota, land of sky blue waters. It is the blue of the state flags of 1957 and 1983, as well as the blue on the reverse of the 1893 original Minnesota flag. It presents our history, our slogan of 10,000 lakes, the attraction of the outdoors activities that mean so much to the people of Minnesota and the thousands and thousands of tourists that flock to our shores.


     3. The White Waves: The white wavy stripe also represents the waters of Minnesota. A wavy stripe has historically represented water. The white recalls the lapping waters, waves on the beaches, and even the pure white snows that cover the state for the winter season, often a badge of honor in our state. The white separates the colors of blue and green, so each stands out clearly. In proper flag design, from a thousand years of heraldry, always use white and yellow to separate colors, and use colors to separate white and yellow. This keeps the flag bold and crisp, never muddled. The flag is historically and heraldically correct and proper. This helps make it memorable.


     4. The Green Forests & Fields: The northwoods forests, and the agricultural south are found in the Seal of the State of Minnesota, the tall pines behind the Mississippi, and the farmer plowing the fields. The vibrant green is part of the green forests and green fields that are a vivid visual picture of Minnesota.


These colors run deep in Minnesota culture. Blue, white, and green colors are great visual combination, and are found all around the state, probably the most popular colors in Minnesota, from car license plates to the State Fair.   

The North Star flag:   1. Simple   2. Meaningful   3. No words  4. Correct colors  5. Distinctive = good flag design.

The North Star flag is our guiding star, leading Minnesota, leading the country, uniting all of Minnesota. It is very simple, yet bold. Children can understand it & draw it. You can draw it. You can remember it. The North Star flag is focused on one important symbol, not a collection. It is one message well said. It follows the pattern of the US flag, but is distinctly different. It is easy to recognize & remember. It reflects the sky blue waters of Minnesota. The North Star is our most recognized symbol. This represents Minnesota in a simple, direct way. The North Star flag is economically helpful, promoting trade, business, & tourism, all part of a successful Minnesota. Since 1987, hundreds of North Star flags have flown in Minnesota.  


This flag is pleasing to look at, a powerful symbol, strong color, bold, & striking in design. The North Star flag is a very useful way to say �Minnesota�, at home, across the US, and the world.                      MMXI












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